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Tuesday, July 14, 2020


About Us

Our mission is to help tourists and locals alike discover the dance halls and dance floors where they can go partner dancing in the MRC de Portneuf.

The site does not gather information on dance schools, except for those that organize regular dances open to the public. Also, the site does not contain information on events where the public is only invited to watch, such as shows, competitions, etc., events which are generally well covered by the media anyway. What interests us here are events where people can participate, that is, where they can dance!

The idea to build this site came to me in 2007, in Montreal, when I started publishing reviews of local dance halls in the daily La Presse, and when readers started writing me to ask for more information.

I quickly realized that rather than reply to each request, it would be more practical to build a site that would give the basic information about the Montreal partner dance scene, which was not very well known by the general public back then.

For three years, the Montreal version of VoulezVousDanserAvecMoi.ca was extremely popular, among both its (free) subscribers and the general public. Too popular, even... As the number of partner dancing events kept growing, so did the time I had to devote daily to updating the site!

At the end of 2010, I decided to close it, partly to free a bit of time for myself to go dancing, but also because by then I felt that dance halls were better known and better equipped to do their own publicity, using newly launched Web sites and/or Facebook.

If I decided to reopen the site in Portneuf in 2012, it's because I go back there regularly (I was born and raised in Cap-Santé), and because I noticed that even though people do partner dance in the MRC, it often takes a major inquiry to find out where and when! My hope is that VoulezVousDanserAvecMoi.ca will make life easier for people, including me, who from time to time just want to turn the TV off and go dancing and socialize.

Naturally, a site like this needs to be updated regularly. So I thank you in advance for sending me your additions, updates and comments or suggestions at mariposa@citenet.net

Merci, et au plaisir de vous rencontrer sur une piste de danse!

Marie-Hélène L. Papillon -- a.k.a. Cendrillon