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I do websites, art direction, graphic design for print and packaging, branding, photography, books, but no illustrations, my drawing skills are pretty bad.

I can cook too, but that's only for my family and friends. Sorry…

Graphic designer for 35 years, that's hundreds of clients, thousands of situations. I won't tell you what you need to say about your organisation, but what you want to put out in front, it will show loud and clear in your communication tools.

If you need things like this, call…

Since 2011, I also worked with people who selfpublished their book
See my web site about that :  

François Messier
514 253-5597


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These pictures series are not realy photographic reports, and are not stricly advertising either. They have been used to illustrate projects where images are compelling, and to speak more than words can. Sometimes, they illustrate a precise subject, and everytime, they set the mood.

Studio Piccolo
Collège Jeanne-Normandin
Léger Marketing
François Messier – Cuisine



Pieces shown on these pages come from my portfolio which covers 35 years or so. Most of them are recent but some are older. It is likely that they may carry obsolete matters in regards of my client's actual communication lines. Some of these works can also have been used for prospective purposes only. I present them anyhow, because of their sole graphic interest.

With only a few exceptions, these pieces are owned by my clients, but this ownership cannot deny that I made them by myself, in whole or in part. That gives me a moral right on them.

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